This service is deprecated and should not be used, use new system on our site instead. Go to, login and then go to VIP section (under VIP).

After buying VIP, you'll get these features:

  • You will get $100 000
  • You will get 5 bonus vouchers
  • 2nd vehicle color just for $2000 for 2 weeks
  • VIP rank on forum for 2 weeks
  • Discount of fix, nos, flip and lights commands by 50% for 2 weeks
  • Special effects on vehicle (Example: changing 2nd vehicle color)
  • Colourful rockets (hunter & shooter)

  • Get VIP via SMS


    Send a SMS with TXT2 MSHOST to 0900330300, price: 2.00 EUR.

    Price may vary in different countries due to different taxes and revenue shares

    Make sure that your login is correct!

    Your country not here? Contact us at skype: miki7852 or e-mail:

    Get VIP via PayPal

    Make sure that your login is correct!

    After you buy VIP contact us at skype: miki7852 to speed up the process.