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About Us (also known as 'miki server') is Multi Theft Auto portal with 5 public servers. This portal is operating on MTA racing area (DM/DD) since 2011, it was founded by miki_cz.

It started as one simple DM/DD server and grew into large portal. There are DM, DD, Shooter, OsDM and RACE servers that provide shared statistics system. You have to login to play on these server in order to get your stats saved, you can save your credentials to make logging in quicker.

You can also login on this website where after logging in you'll have access to many features such as statistics, clans, map listings and more.

We provide VIP system where after buying VIP you will get some features that are VIP only, for more info about VIP check

MIKI SERVER #1 All-in-one: Online | Players: 0 / 150 | Connect!
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Map Uploader
miki_cz - 06/04/2020 21:38

We now have a map uploader where anyone can upload maps for our server!
It can be access through our website under Maps -> Map Uploader.

Recent developments and updates
miki_cz - 27/02/2020 21:43

There have been u number of promising developments recently. The main one is that we were joined by a new scripter, Nagafo. His main attribution is the brand new garage now accessible through the F1 menu. It's possible to customise your vehicle in various ways in there.
We hope that he will continue working with us on improving our server!

Other recent updates include:
- The so called 'whitescreen' bug was fixed. This issue used to occurr after login.
- Antibounce got an update (thanks to MegadreamsBE)
- Clan of the week is now back! Clan of the week is determined every Monday at 00.00 CET
- Changed the method of water detection, allowing for underwater map parts

Information regarding data loss
miki_cz - 10/12/2018 23:33

On the 7th of December, the hard drive in our primary (physical) server has failed. This primary server contained a virtual machine where resided. Backups were performed by the primary server, meaning that if anything was to happen to, the data would be safe. However, as it was the primary server that had failed, these backups were lost. The latest backup that was available outside of this system is from the 20th of August 2017. This backup is now being restored. This does not concern script files used on our MTA servers as these are stored in a different location, all of these are therefore up to date. User data, however, is not.

This also means that VIPs are also lost, if you are supposed to have an active VIP at this moment, contact me via email or Skype miki7852. These will be dealt with individually, either by re-activating the VIP or refunding the payment (PayPal only).

Unable to login?
miki_cz - 03/07/2017 21:33

If you are unable to login you have to update MTA to a 'nightly' version. You will achieve that by going into Settings > Advanced > Update build type > Change from 'Default' to 'Nightly' > Click on 'Check for updates' > Install any available updates.

Vehicle text update and more
miki_cz - 11/04/2017 16:13

There have been a few smaller changes in the last few days. The biggest change is the update of vehicle texts (VIP feature) and it now works in a different way that makes it an actual texture on the vehicle. What does that mean? It means that the text now takes shape of the vehicle it is on, so it is now possible to draw it on (almost) all vehicles and it's not "in the air" anymore. With this comes another small addition, it's now possible to show your stats on the vehicle, this will always be the current value as it gets updated on every round start. How do you show it? It's rather simple, just use this format: {d stat}, for example: {d points} will get replaced with your points. You can use any stat that is available via the ! commands. Also, many people are not aware of the option to display a flag on your vehicle as well, you can do this by typing in {f}. This will show your country's flag based on your IP (same as in TAB). If you want to display a different flag use this format: {f c=cz} - this would display czech flag, just replace 'cz' with any supported country code. You can also use another argument, 'y' which specifies the position (in pixels) from the top of the drawing space. The default value is 10, so the default is this {f c=cz y=10}.
There were some other changes as well: missing hunter crosshair was fixed, it's now possible to set all maps (even duplicates) and toptimes table now doesn't show up anymore after picking up hunter (you have to toggle it manually using F5).

miki_cz - 25/10/2016 01:53

We are introducing a whole new gamemode called Bloodring. What is the aim in this mode? It's quite simple, you have to keep picking up CPs to add time to your timer, once the timer runs out, you die. You are also able to shoot other players with various weapons, everyone starts with 9mm and upon picking up a CP their weapon changes randomly. Picking up a CP also fixes your car.
Another update is the addition of achievements for 7Towers as well as the new Bloodring.

Mega update is here!
miki_cz - 22/03/2016 01:39

At last, so called 'mega update' was implemented. The #1 server that used to be DM Only server is now containing DM, DD, Shooter, OsDM and new 7Towers mode. Everything on a single server. You may be thinking where is Race gone, Race will stay on its own for now. It will get merged into this server later on. The old servers now server as only mere redirects to the new #1. IF you happen to see any bugs report them on our forum. moved to a new server
miki_cz - 05/12/2015 14:47

In the last few days was a target of DDoS attacks from player 'Mikihobot' that has been banned. Therefore we have moved to a new server that is about 10x more powerful and is dedicated to us. But the main advantage is that this server should have solid DDoS protection that should withstand even large attacks. Because the servers were not properly accessible for 5 days all VIP players have been given extra 5 days of VIP.

No mods on DD and custom avatars
miki_cz - 20/10/2015 20:07

Mod detection was added on DD server few days ago. So if you have made any modifications to your gta3.img file you will not be able to join the game anymore. It doesn't matter what model is modified.
One more update is the introduction of custom avatars, players are now able to upload their own avatars through our website under 'Settings' section. The image has to be of .png format and cannot be larger than 100KB.

In-game Web Browser
miki_cz - 20/08/2015 20:15

We are introducing a new feature on our servers, that is the in-game web browser. After pressing F7 you will be shown browser's home page from which you can navigate to our site, forum or YouTube. When you press F7 again the browser keeps its state and if you started a video on YouTube it will continue playing.
Because of the way CEF is implemented into MTA you have to allow access to several domains before you can use the browser, this is done through a dialogue that will show once you press F7.